Concrete Lifting Products

Concrete lifting also known as slabjacking or mudjacking is the process of pumping material under a sunken slab of concrete to lift it. Other uses include joint stabilization or filling voids to support the weight of a concrete slab. On residential, commercial, and municipal levels, raising concrete is a cost effective alternative to replacing concrete typically saving 50%. The best way to recycle concrete, mudjacking will avoid the cost of demolition, removal and landscaping. There are two types of concrete lifting, polyurethane and traditional mudjacking.  We use Polyurethane foam as our method of lifting concrete.  We can accommodate multiple applications by using the correlating chemical application.  The most common are:
  • 2lb residential/light commercial lifting foam
  • 4lb commercial lifting foam
  • 5lb commercial stabilizing/void fill foam
The benefits of using Polyurethane foam are:
Settled concrete is commonly a result of poor soil conditions below a slab. As a result, polyurethane has become a more popular approach to raise and stabilize concrete. Polyurethane material is lightweight, designed for specific applications, and you will not over burden an already weakened soil.  Polyurethane foam after install weighs 2-5lbs per cubic ft depending on application while traditional mudjacking compound weighs approx 100lbs per cubic ft.  One of the other benefits of using foam is small 5/8″ drill holes as compared to typically 2″ holes making them almost invisible.  Typically when using foam products less holes will have to be drilled than that of traditional lifting.   Polyurethane is more expensive than mudjacking material, but because of the small hole size, lighter material weight, and fewer injection holes; the cost difference is worth it!