About Us

SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM is a full-service spray foam insulation company dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and top quality installation. We furnish industry leading products that help increase air quality and energy efficiency at an acceptable price. We maintain a friendly, creative work environment that represents professionalism, cleanliness, and hard work.

SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM, a company based out of Des Moines, IA, provides high-quality energy efficient spray foam insulation and customer service in the following categories:

  • Spray Foam Insulation
    • Closed Cell Spray Foam
    • Open Cell Spray Foam
  • Polyurethane Concrete Leveling

What sets SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM apart from its competition is our commitment to provide these services from one equipment rig in new construction and remodeling applications. As a small company with top-of-the line equipment, we offer our customers a one-stop shop experience at an affordable price. We are proud to provide an unmatched level of cleanliness and installation perfection. SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM was founded by business partners Brett Lindgren and Charles Allison. Built from the ground up by these partners, Brett and Charles each own 50% of the business. The business is an established LLC.

What We Sell

SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM provides a quality Gaco Western line of products. Those products are Closed Cell Foam and Open Cell Foam.

SAVE GREEN SPRAY FOAM  also provides a quality HMI brand line of Concrete Lifting/Leveling products. Those products are 2lb residential/light commercial lifting foam, 4lb commercial lifting foam, and 5lb commercial stabilizing/void fill foam.

Gaco Western and HMI are Midwest-based companies from Wisconsin. Using these Midwest suppliers assures lower shipping costs and a quicker turn-around time. These advantages allow the savings to be passed along to the customer.

Who We Sell To

Our customers are all people or contractors who have spray foam insulation needs. Our focus is on any owner or building contractor whose requirements involve repairing flat roofing systems, new home or business construction, remodel construction, and also morton or pole barn buildings requiring spray foam. We also market to those wanting a long-term concrete repair instead of extremely costly removal and replacement of existing concrete.



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